Arranging the fee
Although the fee may seem large compared to other bands that you have seen but please remember that Swing Shift are unlike any other band that you will have contacted. Not only do we have 10 Pro musicians and some of Wales’ top vocalists – but we also provide you with a top class ‘Show’.Our commitment to you  is taken very seriously, some bands are content to accept your booking and just turn up on the night. In contrast Swing Shift will be on hand right up to your big day to ensure that the one thing you don’t have to worry about is the Wedding entertainment.

How much time will the band need to get in and set up?
45/75/90+ minutes depending on the size of the band.

What do you wear?
The band can wear a range of outfits to suit. We usually wear dinner jackets but can also wear our own monogrammed shirts if you want something more casual.Please let us know your preferences during the booking process or by contacting us.

What arrangements will we need to make?
None….Well…nearly none! We recommend that arrangements are made for us to view the venue in advance to make sure that the band can set up properly – as 15+ people take up quite a lot of room!

We also recommend that access to the venue is available early on the day to allow us to set up. If possible, please give us a contact name (e.g.  Your Wedding Co-ordinator or Venue Manager) so that we can ensure that everything goes smoothly – this will minimise the disruption to your function as it can take up to 2 hours to set up and sound check the band.

Our suggested minimum floor area is 25′ x 14′ and we will need an area to set up our digital control system and mixing desk. (Note: The area doesn’t have to be square. we can be quite flexible in how we set up). The band uses a lot of electrical equipment – so we recommend at least 4 ring-main sockets.

Please check with us if you are unsure of space and we will arrange to view the room and give you our honest opinion.

We also request the availability of at least two changing rooms and light refreshments be made available to the band – allowing them to perform to their best!

Can we have music during the wedding breakfast?
We can supply you with anything from a solo pianist to a Jazz Quartet as part of our package for light reception music.Prices range from £90.00 to £350.00.

Can we choose our wedding music & first dance?
Yes! If it is already in our repertoire then we will play any song that you request as a First Dance.However, if we do not have it in our repertoire then we will need a minimum of 4 weeks to write and rehearse a new number.
Note: There is a cost attached of £40 – £60 depending on the size of the band chosen and the complexity of the piece – please contact us for further details, as Swing Shift play live music some songs may not be suitable for arrangement for the band – or if you want a song played on our PA system then please check in advance that we have the song available.

What Music and how long do you play?
The band normally play for 2x 45 minute sets although we can arrange to play 3x 40 minute sets depending on the function.The timing and number of sets should be agreed in advance. You should also agree arrival time, set up time and finish times although we will remain flexible as exact schedules are almost impossible to keep – those speeches always go on longer than anticipated!

While appreciating any suggestions that you make, when you book Swing Shift you are booking a ‘worry-free’ professional service.

We choose our repertoire from tried and tested material, classic songs as well as sequences of songs that we know work well together.

Will we need to arrange a DJ?
You are quite welcome to arrange a DJ for the evening, but please remember that SwingShift can provide a DJ for less than usual as we will be sharing a PA.In addition, Swing Shift can arrange to play background music over our PA whenever you want.

How loud is the band?
Swing Shift can play as quiet or as loud as you want! We have a sophisticated PA which is suitable for events up to 1000 people along with an experienced Sound Engineer to control the volume.

We ensure that the volume on the dance floor is as suitable as the volume at the back of the venue.

If you are hiring a very large venue we suggest that you speak to our Sound Engineer in advance to ensure that you get suitable sound quality.

How much will my wedding entertainment cost?
Swing Shift is available from as little as £600.The final price will depend on the size of the band, the location of your wedding and any special arrangements we will have to make. (e.g. Arranging First Dance music).